The deep, Kyle Perry
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  • The deep, Kyle Perry
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  • The deep
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  • Kyle Perry
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  • If you encounter the Black Wind while out there at sea, all you can do is race back to shore. There's no predicting it, no sailing it, no living with it. And if you're a Dempsey, it can play tricks on your mind. . . On the Tasman Peninsula, nestled amidst the largest seacliffs in the southern hemisphere, is Shacktown. Here the Dempsey family have run a drug ring for generations, using the fishing industry and the deadly Black Wind as cover. But when thirteen year old Forest Dempsey walks out of the ocean, bruised and branded, everything is imperilled because Forest has been believed dead for the last seven years. Mackerel Dempsey, out of jail on strict bail conditions, is trying to change his fate, doing his best to keep out of trouble before his next court date. His cousin Ahab has renounced the family altogether, in favour of working to keep the town and its fragile tourism economy safe. But in their search for answers about Forest, both Mackerel and Ahab can't help but be drawn back into the underworld. What on earth happened to the boy all those years ago? And does it have anything to do with the infamous drug kingpin Blackbeard, who is rumoured to be moving in on Shacktown? When secrets long thought buried at sea wash up on shore, generations of the Dempsey family must stand up for what they believe in, even if it means sacrificing everything. But in the gritty fight between right and wrong, blood isn't always thicker than water, and everyone is at risk of being pulled under..
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