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Pokémon, Season 10

Pokémon, Season 10
Intended audience
Censorship classification : G
Main title
"If Gary Oak is headed for the Sinnoh region, the Ash Ketchum won't be far behind! Ready to take on the Sinnoh League, Ash brings along Pikachu and meets up with Brock in Sinnoh, where the pair of Trainers are soon joined by a third - Dawn, a novice Pokémon Coordinator determined to follow in the footsteps of her mother. Both Ash and Dawn struglle with their respective paths, but it's easy for them to make new friends, gaining new Pokémon like Turtwig and Piplup"--Container
Table Of Contents
Disc 10.1 : Following a Maiden's voyage -- Two degrees of separation -- When Pokemon worlds collide -- Dawn of a new era -- Gettin' Twiggy with it -- Different strokes for differents blokes -- Like it or lup it -- Gymbaliar --Disc 10.2 : Setting the world on its buneary -- Not on my watch ya don't -- Mounting a coordinator assault -- Arrival of a rival -- A Staravia is born -- Leave it to Brock -- Shapes of things to come -- Gruff act to follow --Disc 10.3 : Wild in the streets -- O'er the Rampardos we watched -- Twice smitten, once shy -- Mutiny in the bounty -- Ya see we want an evolution -- Borrowing on bad faith -- Faces with Steelix determination -- Cooking up a sweet story --Disc 10.4 : Oh do you know the Poffin plan -- Getting the pre-contest Titters -- Settling a not-so-old score -- Drifloon on the wind -- The champ twins -- Some enchanted sweetening -- The grass-type is always greener -- An angry combeenation -- All dressed up with somewhere to go --Disc 10.5 : Buizel your way out of this -- An elite meet and greet -- A secret sphere of influence -- The grass menagerie -- One big happiny family -- Steamboat willies -- Top-down training -- A stand-up sit-down -- The electrike company --Disc 10.6 : Malice in Wonderland -- Mass Hip-po-sis -- Ill-Will hunting -- A maze-ing race -- Sandsgrew's locker -- Dawn's early night -- Tag! We're it -- Glory blaze -- Smells like team spirit
Diamond and pearl